Weaving the Web with Cheese?

At Santa Ynez Valley Cheese Supporters, we know cheese. You name it, if it’s about cheese, we’ve got you covered. But apparently, we weren’t covering the World Wide Web with cheese very well.

Seriously, in our opinion, if you need to know about cheese, we’re your people, but it came to our attention we weren’t doing a very good job selling ourselves on the internet. We know lots about cheese, but web marketing isn’t our strong point.

So, when we noticed the traffic to our new online store was really low, we knew we needed professional help – and Fast!

Apparently, there is this new way of building websites, called search engine optimization or SEO (who knew?!?). This is method is the best way to market your business and we needed SEO help, quick! We tasked our internet guru to find an SEO expert, and they came up with a great Louisville SEO company, QC’s Web Design and SEO.

Here’s the great thing about hiring an SEO company, or any web design company for that matter; they don’t have to be your neighbor! After lots of research, we found that QC’s Web Design and SEO were the best, most affordable SEO and web design company for our little cheese business.

Their web designers are experts in SEO like we are experts in helping you find the perfect hard cheese to go with that amazing aged wine you’ve been holding on to. They listened to every detail of our amazing cheese business and our love of all things cheese and helped us create the perfect SEO site for our business.

Even better, they helped us improve the look and searchability of our online store.

Since our new site has gone live, we’ve had more and more people finding out about our cheese, our cheese knowledge and how amazing life is with just a little extra cheese! We love our new website and all of the great new customers we’ve been able to meet, thanks to QC’s Web Design and SEO.

Looking for a great SEO firm? We’d recommend them in a heartbeat!