The Santa Ynez Valley Cheese Company Supporters, avid connoisseurs and passionate lovers of cheese in its every form and flavor, were created in 2015 by a husband and wife team from the land of cheese, Wisconsin. Their passion for cheese began as a local, family owned cheese shop, and has evolved into a cheese support group boasting membership numbers in the millions. Apparently people from all over the world really like cheese! Today, the cheese shop is still open, successful, and producing high quality cheeses fresh from the land of cheese, while the Santa Ynez Valley Cheese Company Supporters continue to not only grow in numbers, but in impact, influence, and reach. Their work is broad, and consists of things such as hosting cheese tasting festivals, workshops, classes, conducting interviews with top cheese connoisseurs, cheese articles, blog posts, and even stories involving cheese art, from the most unlikely of places. You love cheese, and so do we!